About Us

Close relationships with all ship owner’s and manager’s departments enhance smooth sailing of vessels in regards with crew matters. Our optional all-inclusive Crew Management scheme is aimed to provide freedom-of-mind to the ship managers for all the crew operations related with the selection, deployment and successful completion of seafarers’ contract of employment, such as:

Personalized servicing
Tailored made cooperation schemes
Providing documentation and briefing for the candidates
Arranging for visa and other required different flag state documents
Custom reporting & ISM documentation
inspection of licenses and validity of STCW-2010 certificate
Crew changes & rotation
Crew wages administration and payroll preparation
Competence Management
Cadet project adoption program
Crew welfare and crew loyalty schemes
support in crew training courses and certifications according to international requirements
initial interview and screening of the candidates
arranging medical and fitness examinations and certificates
Separate repair specialists teams for maintenance and repair
Innovative custom IT monitoring, control crew management software
High availability of human resources
Exclusive pool creation
Excellent Budget – Performance rates etc.

All our services are delivered according to Total Quality Management attributes of customer service provision allowing Flexibility, Versatility and Expediency which in turn, produced high levels of Value for Money through customization, growth of service value, minimization of our principals operating costs by increasing Economies of scale through:

High retention rates
Integrated crew management services
Low vessels maintenance expenses
Ultimately increase of resale value

We are constantly looking for qualified Masters, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers, 2nd Officers, 2nd Engineers, Electricians for Crude oil Tankers, Products/Chemical Tankers and Cargo vessels. Kindly forward to your application.

Our Vision

To BE THE BEST, by continually developing and improving our long lasting expertise, through innovative and pioneering solutions, AIMING ALWAYS FOR PERFECTION AND EXCELLENCE in the management and operation of ships.

Our Mission

Keep our customers always satisfied by providing them the HIGHEST QUALITY, SAFETY, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY AND ECONOMICAL MANAGEMENT AND OPERATION of their ships, in accordance with their needs and expectations and in full compliance with International and National Legislation, as well as other industry standards and guidelines, FULLY COMMITTED TO ZERO ACCIDENTS, ZERO LOSSES AND NO HARM TO THE ENVIRONMENT.

Our Policy

To realise our vision we have dedicated ourselves to a set of core values which guide our decisions and actions. These are:

  • Professionalism – Be professionals in what we do and always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.
  • Reliability – Say what we do, do what we say and always be there when needed.
  • Effectiveness – Be efficient and effective in our approach to give the best solution each time.
  • Empowerment – Empower employees to take initiative and perform the best.
  • Simplicity – Have an uncomplicated approach in what we do and services we provide.
  • Teamwork – Work together for achieving our mission and objectives, irrespective of our role.
  • Integrity – Always act with honesty, fairness, transparency and morality.
  • Respect – Treat every client, seafarer, supplier and employee with the same respect and dignity.

Our Goals

We enable our clients to grow through:

  • Exclusivity: Focused growth through carefully selected client partnership
  • Quality: Dedication to superior service, safety, and environmental protection
  • Profitability: Relentless commitment on personal, inventive, and efficient operations
  • Diversification: Portfolio expansion in new market segments specific to client needs


  • Keep our word by doing what we say we will do
  • Be sincere, reliable, fair and treat people with respect
  • Obey the law and operate under national and international regulations
  • Own up to our accomplishments and learn from our mistakes
  • Always operate with the client’s best interest in mind


  • Exceed customer expectations through individual care, attention and superior service
  • Enable our employees to develop meaningful and rewarding careers and grow professionally
  • Be socially responsible in the communities we serve
  • Safeguard and protect people and the environment
  • Maintain independence, long term focus and commitment to excellent service


  • Continuously learn and improve everything we do
  • Search and apply best practices and learn from experience
  • Identify and manage risks proactively and through careful planning
  • Effectively manage and grow all resources and assets entrusted by clients
  • Anticipate, manage, and implement opportunities for growth


We enable our clients to grow through:

  • Constantly collaborate with customers, colleagues, and external partners
  • Form teams and rely on facts to find the best solution
  • Communicate openly and candidly with everyone
  • Seek feedback and share information quickly
  • Build and nurture solid relationships by finding common ground